Sunday, September 6, 2015

March, April, June, July, and Aug Thankful list. ;)

I can't believe how fast this year is going!! I mean the Summer has come and gone. Well.... I really don't have any excuse why I haven't posted. But I'm going to hopefully post more often now. :)

*Birthdays!!!! Dad's, Jenels, Grandpa's, Tina's, Susanna's and mine!! ;)

*Babysitting kids at camp!

*Having a Great time watching the kids with my friend Ashley and Mare.

*Spring break!!! Although I really didn't get it off I didn't have to teach or work one of my jobs. ;)

*Hiking with our friends.

*A Sister hike. :)

*Turning 21! ;) Man, I can't believe how much time has flown!

*Going back to one job!!

*Random coast trip. ;)

*Weddings! (Three friends got married this summer!)

*Going to The Summit! (It's an Awsome conference. Especially when your with awesome people. ;) )

*Tina graduated!!!

*JC and family came to our house!!

*Redoing our couch. (This is when its almost finished)

*Being a mentor at CYIA. (I'll be doing a post about this.)

*Helpping with two day camps!

*Having four exta boys living with us for a week! (Man was that different.)

*Teaching two VBSs at the coast with my sister! (I'll be doing a post about this too.)

*That I didn't drive combines this summer. ( long story... I'll most likely put why in another post.)

*Two family reunions!!!! :) (I'll definitely be doing a post about these!)

*I got a new GOAT! :)

*We got a pool!

*Finished two quilts. (I'll be doing a post about this too! Man, I have a lot of post to do.)

*Trip to see my Best Friend!!! (I'll definitely be doing a post on this too!)
*A new Job!

*Church family camp!

These are just some of the things in the last couple of months that I'm Thankful for. God Is Good All The Time!!

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