Monday, September 14, 2015

CYIA Summer

This Summer was filled with CYIA. :) I was a mentor at the training camp, helped with two Day camps, and did two VBSs at the coast.

Normally at the training camp I'm a team trainer. But this year they had an overabundance of team trainers, so some of us got to be mentors to the young team trainers. It was very stretching not being a team trainer and letting them lead, while II just sat and watched. At times I felt like I didn't do anything, but other times I felt like I was the leader. But all in all it was a Great and growing week. :)

A week after training camp we had 4 exta boys stay with us. Two came to help with a day camp and the other two were just staying with us. So, I was supposed to just help with the day camp not teach, but I ended up teaching. :) I was a great week, even if it was 90+ degrees! It was So hot!

The next week, two girls, my sister Hannah, and I all went to the coast to teach two VBSs. It was a Great week filled with laughter, Nerf gun wars, and games. :) Oh, and you can't forget the beach. :) I've done these VBSs for a couple years and they've been a blast to do. :)

The week before my trip to Canada, was the last day camp. I ended up just helping with crafts. It was Great!!! I loved getting to interact with all the kids. Plus I got to do it with my friends. :)

All in all, this Summer was Fantastic!! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

March, April, June, July, and Aug Thankful list. ;)

I can't believe how fast this year is going!! I mean the Summer has come and gone. Well.... I really don't have any excuse why I haven't posted. But I'm going to hopefully post more often now. :)

*Birthdays!!!! Dad's, Jenels, Grandpa's, Tina's, Susanna's and mine!! ;)

*Babysitting kids at camp!

*Having a Great time watching the kids with my friend Ashley and Mare.

*Spring break!!! Although I really didn't get it off I didn't have to teach or work one of my jobs. ;)

*Hiking with our friends.

*A Sister hike. :)

*Turning 21! ;) Man, I can't believe how much time has flown!

*Going back to one job!!

*Random coast trip. ;)

*Weddings! (Three friends got married this summer!)

*Going to The Summit! (It's an Awsome conference. Especially when your with awesome people. ;) )

*Tina graduated!!!

*JC and family came to our house!!

*Redoing our couch. (This is when its almost finished)

*Being a mentor at CYIA. (I'll be doing a post about this.)

*Helpping with two day camps!

*Having four exta boys living with us for a week! (Man was that different.)

*Teaching two VBSs at the coast with my sister! (I'll be doing a post about this too.)

*That I didn't drive combines this summer. ( long story... I'll most likely put why in another post.)

*Two family reunions!!!! :) (I'll definitely be doing a post about these!)

*I got a new GOAT! :)

*We got a pool!

*Finished two quilts. (I'll be doing a post about this too! Man, I have a lot of post to do.)

*Trip to see my Best Friend!!! (I'll definitely be doing a post on this too!)
*A new Job!

*Church family camp!

These are just some of the things in the last couple of months that I'm Thankful for. God Is Good All The Time!!