Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quilt #2 and #3...

Quilt 2 needed to be done by Christmas and I worked on it slowly, because I thought I had a lot of time to do it. Well, it turned out that I started quilt 3 right before Thanksgiving and it needed to be done by the 10th of Jan for my cousins wedding, because it was her gift from me. So, I had two quilts that Had to be done in a month! It was Crazy! In Dec all I did was quilt. I didn't have much work at the time, which was great because I'm not sure if I would have finished them on time.
I had a Really hard time finding a backing for my quilts..... Do you know how hard it is to find a store that sells Just flat sheets? Well, I finely found a store and got a backing for quilt 2 but I wanted a flannel sheet for quilt 3 because my cousin was moving to Alaska. The search was long... The store that had the other flat sheets doesn't do flannel. :( But at last I found some online..... Well, the sheet was supposed to come the week before Christmas, well it came but it didn't. You see, I opened the package and there was a T-shirt! Yep.... Well, I sent it back and they sent me the sheet but it came after Christmas, so I didn't get the quilt done when I wanted it done. But in the end I got them both done in time and they turned out. :) so what more could I want? ;) I now know Not to quilt or order a sheet during Christmas. :)
                                                                  Quilt 2 Done!!!

                                                                   Quilt 3 Done!!!

Did I say how much I Really like them? I Love how they both turned out! :) Now..... time for quilt 4! :) It has to be done in Aug. :) I really should start it soon, :) I don't have much time right now... but maybe in a week or two. :)

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