Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wedding Planing.....

Let's just say that none of us girls (my sisters and I) want to plan another wedding anytime soon. :P So, my cousin got married and Jenel was her wedding coordinator. That was all good. What wasn't, was that she asked for her help a month before the wedding. Oh, and the wedding was the 10th of Jan. so the planing was being done through Christmas! Also the wedding party kept growing! There ended up being 35+ in the wedding party. Yes, you read that right. There were 15 bridesmaids and 15 groomsmen.
           The cousins and Tina (who was the second shooter for the wedding.), mare and I. :)  

 It was crazy! Oh, and to let you know it was the guy who wanted that many guys not the girl. Our cousin only wanted her two sisters, but then she wanted to match the guys so..... 13 more girls. :) Marylynn and I were in the wedding and our family did a Lot of work for it. All of us girls don't want a big wedding party and we're going to plan it as soon as we can. We're also going to pick a color that is easy to find in dresses or find dresses first. It was a nightmare trying to find teal knee length dresses! Our cousin was engaged for 3+ months so its not like she was only engaged for a month before the wedding, she just held off the wedding plans till last min. Don't Ever Do That!!!! Although she didn't seam stressed quite a few people around her were. So, I've decided that when its my turn (in like 10 years ;) ) that I'll make sure its as stressed relieve as possible.
                                                             Our Beautiful cousin!!!

Well, the wedding turned out great and we had a good time. Well.... I was sick, so I left early on both nights. (Rehearsal and wedding) But I did have a good time and I Loved having our cousins at our house and seeing friends. :)

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