Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan. Thankful List

Jan. has been a busy month. Our house was filled with people for most the month and we had a wedding to do. ;) I'm so glad its done!

*Time with my best friend!

*Going on an adventure with my best friend and God keeping us safe. ;)

*Having a Great Nerf party on New years. ;)

*Having our cousins stay for two weeks and....

*Being in the wedding of one of them!!

*Being heathy~I got sick right before the wedding and had no voice for 4 days, but I'm now all good.

*Getting Both of my quilts done in time. ;) (I'll be doing a post about them soon.)

*All the wedding plans came together and that it went really good. (I'll have to do a wedding post.... Long story.)

*Seeing friends at the wedding and having a party at our house the night after the wedding. ;)

*Seeing Dads cousin.

*Having Auntie and a cousin come for a couple days!!! (I told you our house was full.)

*Going back to work on the farm!!!! I love it!

*Seeing Mare and Leslie follow God and go to CMI.

*Playing games with our family and eating cookie dough and drinking milk. ;)

*Our small group! I love them!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dec. Thankful list

Yes, I know its late, but better late then never right? ;)

*Being in the church choir and blessing people by singing. (Hopefully) ;)

*Finishing one of the two quilts.

*Blessing people by making quilts for them.

*Having an adventure with our family getting a Christmas tree.

*Being healthy.

*Friends who will help you with anything, even iorning quilt blocks for two hours!! :)

*Fun with the family caroling.

*A Great Christmas even if it was different.

*A Great church family!

*Gods plan in our lives even when we can't see it.

*Seeing a friend that I haven't seen since May.

*Walking in the parade and giving people tracks.

*Teaching children the Christmas story.

*Skypeing cousins for Christmas, since we can't be there with them.

*Having a Great New Years Eve with family and a Great Friend from far away.