Thursday, November 20, 2014

Over A Year Already?

 I can't believe its been more then a year since I went to bible school. :( I can't believe how fast school went. I feel like I just went to TX for the start of school and now its done. I miss everyone from school. Yes, everyone. ;) There was only 50 students, so you know everyone by the end of the year. I will start were I left off in my last post about school. I learned so much in just the last couple of of months of school. Spring break was coming up and I still didn't know what I was doing. The school has misstions trips that you can go on or you can go and do something else. I was thinking about going and staying with my awesome Uncle and Aunt, but didn't know if that's what God had for me. Well the trip to CO that they were planing didn't have a lot of people signed up so they weren't going to go. But a couple of us were thinking about going and we talked and decided to go. And that's how God worked it out. So during spring break I went to CO with 7 others from school. It was such a good time with everyone. We really didn't know what we were going to do, so we learned to be flexible. We were at a ranch outside of Estis Park and we knew that we would be helping them clear fallen trees from off their property.(from the flooding) The couple of days, the girls ended up cleaning cabins, lodge, and the shop. While the guys helped stack wood and cut it. We helped stack wood the last couple of days. It was a great trip and it really brought our team together. Towards the end of school I had to keep reminding myself to be diligent and not just do everything half way because its the end. My family got to come to the graduation!!! It was Great to have them there and they got to meet my friends.
            This is the card playing group. ;)
                         Family picture.
 Aunt Martha and Uncle Steve came too. ;)
My discipleship group. I love them so much!
                       My roommates!

My family drove out and on their way the ac broke! It broke while they were in AZ. So the trip home was quite memorable. ;) There were no empty seats in the van, because we picked up our cousin, who was in OK and brought her home with us. It was great!! Our van started to have more problems in UT and we thought we fixed it.... But the next day in NV we stopped at a ford dealership and ended up walking around the town while the van got fixed. We got home safely and God definitely blessed our trip and we saw Him at work.
     We visited one of our cousins in UT. 

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