Thursday, October 30, 2014


I know its fall but I'm behind and someone keeps asking for an update. ;) 
Things are changing at our house. People are getting older and moving out. Nate moved out a year ago and Marylynn was gone all summer working at a conference center. I was gone for most the summer living with two of my cousins while I drove combine. Jenel was housesitting a lot this summer and the rest of the family was busy helping with day camps and 5-day clubs. Summer for our family is not vacation and doing nothing. Summer is working doing 5-day clubs and day camps and then canning and canning. ;) This year since Marylynn and I were both gone and Jenel was working, mom didn't have much help with the canning. Although now that I'm back home I'm helping a lot with the canning. This has been quite a summer. I really enjoyed living with my cousins and driving combine. ;) God taught me quite a bit this summer and He isn't done yet. ;) I think the most important thing He taught me was that Satan doest want me to have a good strong relationship with God and will tempted me to try and not spend time with God. Since I have so much down time in the combine while driving I thought it would be a great time to memorize Gods word and talk to Him. Well I found out that its a lot harder then I thought it would be. Satan just kept on tempting me and wouldn't stop. If I could I would do my summer all over and work harder fleeing temptation and spend more time with God and memorizing His word. But I can't and so I'm working on fleeing temptation here at home which is still hard. But with God on my side He can help me do it. 
I hope y'all had a good summer! Here are a couple pictures of our summer. ;)
                         One of my kids! ;)

                  Having fun at the creek.

                My best friends wedding. ;)

Visiting Mare at the coast.

                          I Love my job!

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