Friday, September 13, 2013

Combining!!! :)

I Loved combining!!!!! :) I would Love to do it again next Summer, if that's what God has for me. ;) I ended up staying with my cousin in her 5th wheel and her sister. ;) It was so much fun! I got to know them better too. :) A normal combining day looked like this. Be at work by 10 or sometimes 9:30, go to the field and start combining. You take your lunch with you and the only time you stop is to use the restroom. I would snack all day and when I got home at 10ish, I would eat dinner. Around 4:30-5:30 I would stop, because my combine had a problem of over heating. My boss would come over and spray the combine off and then I was good to go. We would normally stop around 9:15-30. We wipe off our windows (they get So dusty) and then get our stuff and head back to the shop. Sometimes we wouldn't get back to the shop till 10:15. Some of the fields took awhile to get to. :)
                                                          Me in my combine. ;)
                                                       What I saw every morning. ;)
                                                   Best part of the day.... Sunsets! :)
                                                  All 7 of the combines in one field! :)
                                                                    Cleaning! :)
                                                               In line to be cleaned.
                                                                      Another sunset!
                                                 Combining clover. ;) This field was Huge!

Hope you all had a wonderful Summer.

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