Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Camping Trip! :)

The last week in May we went camping with our cousins. ;) It was a Blast!!! :) We went to the coast and what does it do at the coast.... It rains! During the day it was Great the sun came out and it wasn't to cold. But at night it was a different story. It rained like cats and dogs. Now when I say we were camping, we were camping. We all slept in tents, except the Mom's, who slept in the car. So, the first night just as we were going to bed it started to rain. It rained all night long. The next morning we woke up to dripping Wet sleeping bags, tents and we were even wet. The only ones who weren't wet were the Mom's. The Mom's decided to go find a laundry mat and dry our sleeping bags and pillows. All of us kids stayed at the campground and talked. When the Mom's got back they had dry sleeping bags, pillows and a God Story. They stop at the campground office and asked where there was a laundry mat. They told her where in town one was and as they were leaving some guys sitting out side said they thought it was free drier Wednesday. :)  When they got there what do you know, it was Free Drier Wednesday! :) God is so Good! :)

We went to Fort Clatsop and walked around. ;) They have cool trash cans and recycle bins. ;)


Having a Great time at the coast. ;) One afternoon some of us went swimming. (They went all the way in)

                  Me at the coast. ;) I didn't go swimming, because I was just getting over a cold.

                                                                         Nate. ;)
                           There were Amazing Sunsets while we were there. God Is Amazing!!!!

            We also went to Fort Stevens. Here is one of their Big guns. Yep, it's a gun not a canon. ;)

                      Emma and Mare on the Jetty. ;) Some of us walked quite a ways down the jetty.
                                                                 Me on the jetty.

                                                              Paul on the Jetty.
                                                                The whole group. :)

I Love my cousins! :) We had a Great time.

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