Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A while ago I wrote about how I had been going through changes. Instead of knowing within a week about weather or not I got the job, I waited a month. God gave me peace through the whole time. I found out the week of my B-day that they didn't need me this year. I had thought for sure that I would get this job. God had different plans and I'm so glad that he is in control, not me. The next week I talked to one of my cousins, who lives about an hour away and drives combines every Summer. She gave me numbers of some farmers who might need help. I called her boss to see if he needed anyone this Summer and he said no. Then I called the farmer that her sister works for and he said that he had an opening for a combine driver! :) Just what I wanted!!! He had me go out to the farm and he showed me around and we talked. I found out that they are Christians and a family run farm. At the end of my time at the farm I was given the job! :) They were a little concerned about me living an hour away, because I will be working from 9:30 am-8:00-11:00 pm. It would be really long days to drive all the way home after work. But God has worked everything out. ;) I will be staying with my cousin, who will be house sitting 20 min from work. ;) God Is Good! I will start driving combines in July and into August. I'm still working on the other farm and will continue till who knows when. ;) I Love my job and my boss. I've been blessed to work alongside a godly grandpa like figure. God has blessed me So Much!
                                              Here are some pictures of the cows at work. :)

                                                        I Love this calf!!!! Isn't it cute?

Hope ya'll have a better then a tractor day! :)

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