Monday, March 11, 2013

Purple Ice cream!!! :)

Purple Ice cream is a new favorite of mine. ;) For Jenels birthday dinner mom made Filipino food. It was absolutely scrumptious. Although I wasn't feeling vary well that night. :( I had gone to work that morning and while at work I tweaked my back. I was in so much pain that night. But besides the pain it was a Great night. ;) So for desert we had coconut jelly-like things (I didn't really like them) and Ube Ice cream. It's made from a purple yam. ;) It taste delightful! I'm off deserts for the year, but Mom said I had to have some. Besides it's a yam, not real ice cream. ;) Although I like it better then some ice cream I've had. (coffee) 
                                                             Jenel enjoying her dinner. ;) 
                                 Blowing out her candle. :) No, shes not 1 :) Just add 20 to the 1. ;)
                                             Our dinner minus the fruit salad and fried bananas. 

                                                              The Ice Cream!! :)
                                                         A just because picture. ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Oh, is it looking like Spring to you? :) It's been getting nicer here!

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