Thursday, February 7, 2013

Being a Veterinarian

While I was gone in Belize one of my goats got attacked by two dogs. They jumped the goat fence and attacked Addy. I didn't know about it till we called home and they told us that she might die. (They hadn't found her till almost a day after it happened.) I wasn't expecting to hear something like that when I called home. They took care of her till I got home. They thought that she had just been attacked on the right side and under her neck. (It's hard to find wounds on a goat.) They put different ointments on her neck where the wounds were and they healed up. When we got home Mare run outside to see her and there was a Huge scab coming off her neck on the Left side! One of her wattles got ripped off and a Lot of hair. Under the scab she had a Huge wound. Here are pictures from when the scab came off, to her almost healed.   

                                                                                                       Her almost all the way healed. :)

                                                            Getting ready to change her wrap. ;) Oh, Corona is Amazing! It helped heal the wound and keep infections out. I Love it!

Mare holding her so I can change it. :)

It took four months to heal completely! It was a long couple of months. Although I learned a Lot from it. Hope you all have a Great weekend. :)

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