Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas (part 2)

Now for Christmas number three. :) Where do I start. Well, we were supposed to leave on Friday morning. The weather this year has been crazy and it was snowing and there were roads closed, because of it. So we didn't think we would leave on Friday, but the roads opened up and we decided to give it a try. We drove for three hours and then sat on the road for another hour. We got off the freeway to make a pit stop and they shut down the roads again. We decided to go back home. Our friends were surprised to see us so soon. :) We had a Great night and stayed up really late. ;) The next morning we All slept in and the parents went out to eat. :) While they were gone we cleaned up a little and talked. As soon as they got back Dad told us to get in the car. We usually leave Early in the morning but we left at 12:30 pm! Which meant that we would drive all night long. We made it to CA and had dinner with our friends. After dinner they told us about a Christmas light dive-though that we saw on the way to their house. They gave us money to go though it. It was really neat. I think that all towns should have one. ;) 
                                                          This is what you first see. :) 

                                                            My kind of lights. ;)

                                                             Hanging out and talking. ;)

                                                          Cousins and Best friends. ;)

Cousins are Great! I don't know what I would do without my cousins. 

                                                    Playing and Singing on Christmas Eve. :)
                                                                    Second cousins. ;)
                                                          Sunset at the beach. :) 

On the way home. :) Oh, so on the way home Jenel got sick. :( She got it from one of our cousins and then gave it to one of our cousins, who then got his whole family sick. Guess what? Nobody else in our family got it. ;) God was good to us. ;)

                                                 Beautiful sunset on the way home. :)

Hope you guys have a Great week. ;)

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