Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Four Times (part 1)

Yep you read that right. ;) We had Christmas four times. ;) Naturally I will start with the first one. ;)
Our family always has our family Christmas before we go down to CA for Christmas. ;) (I hope you got that) :) Naturally we do it before we leave. :) This year we did it one week before we left, because that was the only day in our schedule that we could do it on. I make quite a few of the gifts that I give. So I worked late into the night the night before trying to finish Moms gift. (I ended up going to bed and not finishing it. Although I got it done later.)
                                                      Mom and Dad on "Christmas morning". :)

                Nate and I got Christina a USA track jacket. (She has been running a Lot.)
                                                       Jenel excited about getting AAA. ;)
Dad: Oh No! Not more nail polish. Susanna: Yes! Just what I wanted. 
Hannah: I know what were doing today. ;) 

Dad and Mom got us girls bags from the Philippines. They have some just like these from 25 years ago that we still use. ;) I Love mine!! Mine is the top blue one, Hannahs is the yellow one, Mares is the red one, Susannas is the pink one, and Tinas is the bottom blue one. (Jenel bought one for herself.)  
Nate got a lamp made out of a cocanut shell! It's beautiful! 
 On to the next Christmas. :) Our good friends always come to our house for Thanksgiving and Christmas and stay with us. We always miss seeing them at Christmas, because were down in CA. But this year we left later then we usually do, so we got to see them and have a Christmas with them. ;) The night our good friends were coming, we madly cleaned the house and were trying to get ready to leave on Friday. That night I got a call from one of our friends asking me if I would help her out with a wedding project. :) All I would have to do is sew in a strait line. ;) I decided to help her out and I picked up the project while I was out and about that night. I worked on it that night and stayed up late talking with our friends. ;) The next morning I had run out of the string for the project, so I had to wait till our friend could get more. So that afternoon I met the Bride, who I was doing the project for and she gave me more string. ;) On top of all this, I was trying to pack and help mom with packing the car and to top it off, we also had our second Christmas too. ;) Yep, we are crazy. haha :) That's not all... we decided to go bowling that night. :) I almost didn't go because of the project. After bowling, I finished the two strings that the bride had given me and I still had more fabric!! :) I called our friend and told her I could do more. She came over later and gave me more. ;) I ended up doing four banners, 2 white, 2 polka-dot's, and one Long every other one. (There was one already done.) I'm glad that I could help our friend and It was fun. :) It was a Great second Christmas. ;)    

I will now skip to the fourth Christmas. ;) (The third Christmas has a Lot of pictures to go with it. And a Long story too.) :) It happened on Saturday  :) We got back from CA on Thursday and on Sat. we traveled up to our Uncles house for Dad's side of the family's Christmas. :) (Sorry no pictures. We took a camera but never took any pictures.) Our uncle cooked Salmon and rice. :) It was superb. We also had a Lot of deserts.  It was Great to see our cousins and spend time with them.
Hope y'all had a Wonderful CHRISTmas too. :) May God bless y'all in this new year.

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