Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 For 2012

1.Work. :)
                                                           (Smiley the pumpkin.) :)

2.Going to Canada for Nate's Graduation.


4.VBS at the Coast.

5.Our cousins wedding.

6.Family reunion.


8.Homeschool Outdoor School.

9.Barn Party

10.CA Christmas

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thankful For...

*My mom, who two years ago challenged us kids to start writing down fifteen things we are Thankful for every day for the month of Nov. Instead I decided to try it for a whole year. ;) I've now been doing it for three years.

*Mom. ;) You don't really realize how much Mom's do till you are one. ;) No, I'm not one. But being "mom" for two months, while she was gone, I got a good idea what it's like.

*God, who gives us Grace, Mercy, and Love everyday. (Even when we don't deserve it.)

*Sunsets/rises. :)

*Fall leafs




 This is just a few things I'm Thankful for. ;) Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. ;)
  (I know this is a little late, but who said you can't be Thankful all the time?) :)