Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prickly Par Jam

One day Nate came home from work and announced that he was going to go pick prickly pars. There is a lady in our town that has a bunch. Nate picked four gal. and then made jam jelly. It taste really great.
                                                                   Nate the chief. :)
                                                                    Mare his sidekick.
                                         Prickly pars. They don't call them prickly for nothing.

                                                                      Mushing them.

              Draining them into another pot. You just use the juice, which is why it is jelly not jam.

                                                                       The juice.

                                                     I Love the color! Although it is pink.

                                                                      Mare again. ;)

                                                                Nate with his jelly.  

                                         Honestly it is super delicious. =) I enjoy eating it.

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