Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barn Party

Our church youth group hosted a barn party as a outreach this last month. It was a blast!
                                             The stage were we sang and gave testimony's.

                                                                          Food. =)

                                                               Hannah and Susanna. :)
                    The cow pies for the cow pie toss. =) Oh yeah! It was Great! I was in charge of it. :)
                                                    Our youth pastor truly knows me. :)

                                                    Where you had to toss the cow pies. ;)

                         Me.                                (Our friend took these)                        Susanna.


                                                                  Mare and Abby! =)

                                         You can't have a barn party without line dancing. :)

I had a blast! Well, I'm trying to catch up with myself. :) So much going on at our house right now. ;) Post about our floors, a Big trip, and Birthdays coming soon. :)

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