Monday, November 19, 2012

Anniversary Trip

Our parents have been married for 25 years!! We gave them their gift last Christmas. Their gift was...... A trip to the.......
  Philippians!!! ;) That's where they met and lived for their first year together. They hadn't been back for 24 years. Us kids announced to them at Christmas last year and they got to plan it. ;) They prayed, planed, and decided to go in Oct. Jenel also decided to join them on this trip. (She was paying for most the trip anyways and has always wanted to go.) They didn't just want to go for "fun", so while they were there they went to a Bible dedication and joined a team for the last two weeks there. God gave them a Fantastic trip and blessed them. They also got to bless people. It was a wonderful trip.
                                                          At the Airport ready to go.
                                                                      In a hotel.

                             Jenel and Hannah (who went with the team.) went on a zip-line. :)

                                                        Doesn't that look like fun? :)
                                          Jenel and Hannah riding back up to the top. :) 

                                                                   Mom and Dad

                Oh yeah! Farm land! :)                                                    

                                             All three of them at the Bible dedication. :)

Now while they were having fun, we were at home taring up the carpet in our family room. ;) (Which was fun) While they were gone for three weeks Nate (older brother) and I were in charge. Nate was working, which put me in charge of the kids, school, food, and transportation. God taught me a lot in the three weeks.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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