Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homeschool Outdoor School

Two weeks ago we traveled to the coast for an outdoor school for Homeschoolers. It was great! :) Tina, Mare and I had an amazing teacher! He knew so much! I learned a Ton. I'm so glad that we got to go. (Beware there are a Ton of Pictures.) ;)
                                                   Getting ready to play group games.
                                                               Tina Just Love's hugs. ;)
                                                 Michael and his stylish sunglasses. ;)
Working on a game. 

I Love the sun rays. :) 

This game was really fun! :) We made it to the cone and back without the ball dropping the first time!

We had a blast with the people in our class. :) Here my friend and I are getting ready to dissect a shark. ;)

                                           Me cutting open the mouth so we could see in it.
Mare dissecting her shark. 

                              Tina and her partner had a pregnant shark. :) It had four babys in it. :)
                                                              Hannah with a skunk. :)
                                                             Susanna the wolf. :)
The first day in our class we hiked walked to the creek and retrieved samples from the creek to glimpse at under a microscope. It was so cool to view all the tiny creatures in the creek. :)     

On the last day we had time to kill, so someone mentioned that we should play duck duck goose. :)

                              It was the best game of duck duck goose I have ever played. :)

We laughed so Hard. :) It was so amusing to watch everyone play. ;) (we were all over 14 years old.)
              One day we hiked up the mountain and measured trees and collected tree samples.
                                               By the way those vest were astounding. :)

             Mom, Susanna, Marylynn, and I all cruised to the beach one afternoon.
                                                     I Love this picture of Susanna!
One of are new friends informed Mare, that if she built a 20x20 sand castle with four towers and a lot of other things, that they would give her 100 dollars. :) Mare and I decided to do one, but not for the money, but the glimpse of our friends face when we showed them the picture. :) It was worth it.  

We all had a fantastic time. We hope to go back next year. :)

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