Sunday, October 21, 2012

Belize Trip

It has been two months, since Marylynn and I set out for our cousins house with Mom and Christina. We traveled all day and then stayed at their house. Mom and Christina stayed one day and then traveled home. Mare and I stayed three days till we left with them for Belize. :) We had to be at the church at 4 am. :) We had two flights and then we stayed the night in TX. The next morning we flew to Belize City. Once we got there we got on a bus and drove to the camp where we were going to stay. We built a cabin, bunkbeds for the cabin and did a VBS.
Here is a general schedule of what we did every day.
Breakfast was between 7-8:30. VBS was at 9 and we would be back at camp at 12. We had lunch and then work on the cabin or bunkbeds. :) At 7 we would have dinner and then a team meeting. Bed time was whenever. ;) WARNING!!!! There are a ton of photos. ;)
                                                  This is all but two of the girls that went.
                                    Mare and cousin Abby. ;) They cooked most of our meals.
                                                           Where we stayed.
                                                       Us at market at 4:30 in the morning!
They have the Best fruit ever! Oh, do you see the Avocado? It's on the far left. The one cut up is One avocado!! They are huge!

                                                              The start of the cabin.

                   Yep that's me up there. :) We had to paint the top by leaning over the side. ;)

                               We decided to paint the cabin the color of our team shirts.

                                                                 It's done!!!!! :)

                                                Mare and I working on the bunkbeds.

                                                           They have Huge bugs there.

                                                     Mare and I at a Mayan rune.

                                            Mare and cousins Liz in a cave.

                                             Me on a boat in the middle of the ocean. :)
                      We got to go to the beach on the last day and we went snorkeling!!!! I Love it!

                                Our team! It was a wonderful trip. God blessed us so much.

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