Friday, May 18, 2012


I can't believe it's only been one week, since we were in Canada to pick up our brother from Bible school. We left our house early on Tuesday and traveled all the way to Vancouver Island and then to another Island. It took us 6 hours before we entered onto a ferry. After 2 hours on the ferry we drove 2 more hours then caught another ferry for 20 more min. :) We arrived at the school around 7:00 and excitedly greeted our brother. It was great to meet people that he had mentioned to us. The next day we walked down to the school and uttered "Hi" to all the people and met new ones. ;) We walked around the campus and walked down the pier then walked back to the house we were staying at and had lunch.(we definitely acquired all of our exercise by walking) :) After lunch we dressed up and walked back down to the school and observed the baptisms then saved our sets in the lecture hall for the commencement ceremony. Right after the ceremony was dinner!!! :) Their cook at the school is a 5 star cook!! :) He made the most amazing dinner ever!!! After dinner we chatted and played games with people and some of us stayed there till 9:30. :) Bright and early the next day we left on the 6:20 ferry and made our way back home. Although we did make a little detour to the airport to drop off a student from the school. On the way back home we stopped by our Great Grandma's to visit them. We ended up arriving home at 9:30. All in all it was a fantastic trip!!! :)                          Lunch in the car!! :)

         A DQ stop and Hollywood beach. :)

On the ferry!! :) If you can't till it was super windy. ;)

I was really bored, so I tried to take a picture of me though Susy's sunglasses. ;)

They have to coolest signs in Canada!!
When I saw this sign I laughed. ;)   

The house we stayed in. :)

Smoochy the lama. ;) 
Have a Great weekend!!! :)

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