Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Snow Day Or Week?

This last week we had a Ton of snow!!! First it snowed on Wed. then it snowed on Thursday. We had almost the whole week off. (not like I do a lot of school right now anyways) It has been snowing almost every week here it is so wired. On Wed. we had about 6 in. of snow. Thin in the morning we had about another in. or so.

                      It rained so much before the snow that we had a Lake and snow on top of it. ;)
                                                              Susy playing in the snow.
                                                       Mare having fun in the snow. ;)

                                           This was the only flower out on the whole bush. ;)

                         I was surprised that the blossoms didn't fall off with all the snow and wind.
                                                          A giant chair that we made.
                                                          Mare sitting in the chair.

                                                               Are giant snail. ;)

I will post more pictures soon, of day two of the snow. :) Have a wonderful Day.

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  1. Ah snow days...Hi there! I randomly found your blog. I like it:)

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