Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 For 2012

1.Work. :)
                                                           (Smiley the pumpkin.) :)

2.Going to Canada for Nate's Graduation.


4.VBS at the Coast.

5.Our cousins wedding.

6.Family reunion.


8.Homeschool Outdoor School.

9.Barn Party

10.CA Christmas

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thankful For...

*My mom, who two years ago challenged us kids to start writing down fifteen things we are Thankful for every day for the month of Nov. Instead I decided to try it for a whole year. ;) I've now been doing it for three years.

*Mom. ;) You don't really realize how much Mom's do till you are one. ;) No, I'm not one. But being "mom" for two months, while she was gone, I got a good idea what it's like.

*God, who gives us Grace, Mercy, and Love everyday. (Even when we don't deserve it.)

*Sunsets/rises. :)

*Fall leafs




 This is just a few things I'm Thankful for. ;) Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. ;)
  (I know this is a little late, but who said you can't be Thankful all the time?) :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Marylynn and Hannah's birthdays are one day apart. Dad and Mom got back on Hannah's birthday and missed Mare's. Since they were going to be gone for Mare's birthday they left money for us to go do something fun for their birthdays. Since Dad and Mom flew in at noon, we decided to go bowling for the birthday girls in the morning. (since we hadn't done anything fun for their birthdays yet) Our grandparents came with us and then took us out to eat.
                        We had the whole bowling ally to our self's. (at lest for the first 10-20 min.)

                                              This is what they think of bowling. ;) jk
                             Mare forgot socks, because she wears flip-flops all the time. 

                                                              Michael being himself. :)

                                                                       Strike!!!! :)
                                                                     Strike!!!! :)

Us waiting for them to arrive. We got to the airport thinking they came in at 12:00 but they got in at 12:30. It wasn't to bad sitting there waiting.

                                                 Ben and Michael waiting for the luggage.
  Tired after a Long day! They left the Philippines at 8 am Sat. and got home at 12 pm (noon) Sat. :)
Mare and I had planed to have a big dinner that night, but everyone was tired and Jenel's employer's gave us dinner. (They are the best ever!!! They gave us pizza one night and cupcakes for Mare's birthday.) I thought that after they got back that everything would be back to normal, but No!!!  They were only home for less then a week and then left for a retreat for Dad's work for the weekend. Then this last week Mom and Mare set out for CA, because our Grandma isn't doing well. So I'm back in charge  God is really growing and stretching me this Fall. (and it's not over yet) Well, I need to go fix dinner. (at lest I'm getting better at cooking) ;) Have a Great Day!  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Floor Project

I informed you in the last post about our floors. We had to move all the books off the bookshelves and take everything out of the entertainment center. We started moving everything before Dad and Mom left, so Dad could help us move the furniture. Although Nate and I moved most of it.
 The night they left we tore up the carpet. Before we tore up the carpet. :)

                                                      Taring up the padding.

              We didn't know that there was going to be pressboard on top of the plywood.

       So we ended up taring up the pressboard and then sanding down the plywood. Thanks to our great
                    friends who came and helped us. ;) We couldn't have done it with out them.

                                                   See all that dust?? It was really dusty.

                                             Clean with hardly any dust. :) Yeah.

                       Ready to paint. ;) Oh, by the way we are painting the floors. ;) lol
                       I never told you what we were going to put instead of carpet. ;)

                                                         Laying down the primer.

                                                                           The primer all on.

                                Ok this is the first coat of the green paint. I Love the color!!! :)

                               It all done after two coats of green paint plus a coat of white primer.

                                                The room back to normal or almost. ;)