Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas In CA

 When someone asks us what we do for Christmas, every year it's the same. We go down to CA  to spend time with our Mom's family. This year Mare went down early for her 16th B-day, to help Grandma and go to Disneyland. Then the rest of us showed up a week later. We had the nicest weather Ever!!! It was Great. Usually we have snow over the passes, but this year we had No snow at all, not even on the side of the road. On Christmas day it was 72o!!! It was wonderful! We all had a Great time playing, spending time, and seeing our cousins. We took walks almost everyday. Here is a picture of one of our walks. ;) (Pictures taken by Tina)

The harbor was so beautiful.

                                 We walked the pier. We haven't done that since I can remember.

                                               This is Princess my aunts dog.(or one of them)

This is Grandpa with his first Great-grandchild.                               

                                                     The Great gingerbread House. ;)
                                         The Great gingerbread house being dismantled.

I hope you had a Great Christmas too. Have a Great night.

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