Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Yes, it's almost been a week and I'm just now posting about it, but at least I have an excellent excuse. :) You see... our mom got sick on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so all the girls that remained home got to fix all the food for Thanksgiving. We had planed on doing nearly all the food, but not All of it. ;) Also, this year we had 25 people over!! We haven't had that many people over in 15 years. It was immensely enjoyable having all the people over.

Every Thanksgiving for the last couple of years our friends/family have come over after Thanksgiving dinner and have stayed the night. We would all (the kids) wake up early in the morning and set off shopping. Since, they moved down to TX this year, they didn't come. ;( Instead, we had one of our wonderful friends over, to stay up and watch movies till 2 am and then go shopping!! :) We had a amazing time shopping. :P (not) I don't enjoy shopping at all. Although, I did have a fantastic time being with my sisters and our friend. By 6:00am we traveled home and our friend departed to her house and I climbed into bed and shut my eyes. I slept till 12:30!! My mom and two of my sisters set off shopping after Mare, Tina, and I collapsed  into bed. (Mom was feeling much more agreeable) Our house is always a disaster after Thanksgiving. Since, it's already a disaster we get out the Christmas decorations. :) By Saturday all the Christmas decorations were up and the house was clean. This year I had the privilege of putting up all the Christmas lights. (Our older brother usually puts them up, but he is in Canada) That was our Thanksgiving weekend. :) How was yours?

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