Thursday, November 17, 2011

Texas Sunrises

While we were in Texas we walked every morning at 6:00. It was great to be able to get up and walk in the country. Where we live I would not be able to go walking that early and I would have to have someone older with me. (just for safety) One day me and one of my "sisters" went down to the lake to watch the sunrise. It was great to be by the lake praying while waiting for the sun to come up. Here are some pictures of the sunrise and more pictures of our trip.

You know those annoying weeds you have in your backyard like Dandelions? Well be glad that they don't have thorns. While we were in TX we were introduced to their weed, which is called,"Goat Head". They are a pain to get rid of. We got to pull them up all along one of the roads at the camp, so no one would pop their tire. We picked a Whole bag full in less then 20 min. When we were picking them we got them all over the bottom of our shoes. I'm really happy that we don't have them were we live. :)  

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