Saturday, October 1, 2011


This last weekend my family took a vacation to a ranch. Dad had to speak down where the ranch was and we were also checking it out for our family (for our reunion). If you have been reading our blog you will know that our van had a problem awhile back. Well... we got to the ranch and were looking at everything when our van started to die again. :p We were right up the road from where are cabin was, so we walked. :) Dad got the van to the cabin that night and the next morning we were going to go paintballing so we walked down to where we were going to paintball and the paintball guns weren't working. Instead of paintballing we did archery. :) None of us are that good at it, but we got better. :) After we did archery we decided to go swimming, so while some of us went down to the pond to go swimming, the others went back to change into there swimsuits. When they went to the cabin they were going to bring the van back, so that we didn't have to walk all the way back. Well they started back to the pond in the van and made it almost all the way to the pond. The van died only a couple  yards away from the pond. That night Dad was suppose to speak and we were all going to go, but with the van broken, none of us could go. In the end Dad got picked up and stayed the night at the place he was speaking at, while the rest of us stayed at the ranch. Saturday afternoon Dad came back and we left. The van was still not fixed, but God was good and we made it all the way home, which is longer then 4 1/2 hours. We got the van fixed now, so no more braking down (hopefully). Here are so pictures from are trip. :)
                                                           Us doing archery. :)

                              They have this little town there. This is the schoolhouse. :)

 I got up the first morning at 7:00 and took a walk. (I wasn't going to get up, but some little kids were making it hard to sleep.)
                                     They had a bunch of wagons there in the little town.
                                                Mare caching up to me on my walk.

                        I Love this picture, because you see God in it. The mountains and the cross.
                                                           Mare and I had a great walk.

There will be more pictures coming soon.

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