Saturday, October 29, 2011


  Mare and I just got back from TX. We were there for two weeks. We left home at 4:00 am on the 4th. We took off at 8:00am and got in Dallas at 1:30. Our flight was only 3 1/2 hours long, but it seemed a Lot longer, because of the time deference. Our friends were waiting for us, so we got into the car and drove 2 hours to their house. It was Great to see them again. The purpose of us going down there was not only to see our friends and spend time with them, but to volunteer at the "Family Camp" they were having there were they live. We had a blast, while we were there. We cleaned, made beds, and cleaned some more. :)
                                                              The beautiful sunrise. 

                             Mare on the airplane. (do you see that little tractor? It's sooo cute.)

 I Love all the circles. :)   
                              When we got there they showed us around. We went down to the lake.

                                             The lake is Really low, because of the drought. 
                           This is what we did almost every afternoon after working all morning. :)

 We also took off wallpaper and painted in their house. :) The wallpaper was Sooo hard to take off. The people that put the wallpaper on, put it on top of some other wallpaper. We had to use a steamer to get it all off and it took a Long time.      
 Here are the before pictures. :) This is what we saw when we went into their house when we got there. :)
                        Two of the walls they had already done. (they were the easy walls.) :)

                                            This is the Horrible wallpaper that wouldn't come off.
                                           Emma steaming the walls. :) (we took turns steaming)
                                                                 The gooey mess. 
                                                  We are almost done with this wall.
                                                                    Mare steaming. :)
Painting!!!! Emma and I started to paint primer on the walls. 
                                               It's a Lot better looking now. :)

                                  One of the finished walls. (they painted the walls green after we left.)
 I Have a Ton more pictures. I will post them soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I love: Cars

Now I have never been one to know much about cars. And I really could care less about most cars. I don't care a feather or a fig about a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. But when an old car drives by you are sure to hear me squeal. My mom and her family have had quite the plethora of old cars. Now when I say old I mean anything 60's and older. I have no idea what draws me to them but I love them. I think that the big boat look, the vintage colors, the smell, the sound, the white walled tires all add to the charm.
Here is my big beauty, Penny.

I recently had a dream of mine come true, I am now the proud owner of a 1955 Pontiac Chiefton. It is beautiful and I love it. It is in fairly good condition and now runs well after quite a few tweaks. It is a fun car to own and I hope that it will serve me well in the years to come. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I ...-Intro

Jolene keeps telling me I need to I shall. The hardest part for me about posting is that I never have anything to tell. My life stays very much the same and I like it that way. It just makes for a very boring blog post.
So I have decided to start a series, "Things I..." love(or like),dislike,rant about, or am fascinated with, and much more. It could be interesting. Or it could not be. Look for my first post tomorrow to find out!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ranch part 2 :)

 Part 2 :)
Over by the archery they have a barrel bull. :) We had a Lot of fun on it.

 The Challenge Course. :) Susanna going across one of the challenges.
 This challenge was defiantly a challenge. You had to swing from one platform to another. It may sound easy, but the thing is, the platform you have to swing to is only 1 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet. I did it three times before I got on the platform and stayed on it. :)

                                                     Me excited that I made it. :)

                                                                    Jenel on one.
                                                Dad and Susanna doing another challenge.

                       This is the dog that will greet you when you go to the ranch. He is really nice.

                                  Time for smores!!!! We had a great time making smores.

There at the ranch they have hiking trails. On the morning that we were going to leave, Tina and I decided to go for a hike. Jenel and Mare decided to come too. We all started out for the trail. Well, we found it and started going on it. The only problem was that the tail disappeared after a little while. (the lady at the office had said that the tail had grown over a little.) We kept on going after it had disappeared. In the end we made it back just fine without the trail. Although there wasn't vary happy people on the way back.  

                                           A beautiful view we found on our "hike". :)

Have a great day.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Farm

Last week I went to work and Picked over 1,000 ears of corn. All the workers put together picked over 4,000 ears!!! It was a lot of work in two days. :) I even have scars to prove it. :)
Here are the latest pictures from the farm.

This is the Indian corn and this is the sweet corn.  

                                     These are the gourds. There are a Lot more then this. ;)

Have a wonderful day.