Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surprise Party

Two weekends ago we had a surprise B-day/going away party for Nate. Nate turned 21 and was going away to collage. He was bumed that he was going to be at collage and not home for his B-day. So, we decided to throw him a surprise party. Now Nate isn't a person who would ask for a B-day/going away party. On the night of the party, Dad and Mom took him out to eat, while the rest of us stayed home and decorated the house and got ready for the party. We hoped that someone would get to the house before Nate got back and Someone did!! We were glad that they did. :) When Dad and Mom drove into are driveway Nate asked why the people were here, Mom told him to go see. :) In the end he was surprised, which we had hoped would happen. :) We all had a great time.

                                                                              N-Neat freak
                                                                              E-Eggheaded (it's another word for intelligent).

Sorry no pictures of the party. :) We were to busy having fun to take pictures.

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