Monday, September 12, 2011


 We started to build a bigger shop, because my grandpa gave dad a huge amount of tools. At the beginning of the Summer we started building. First we had to clean up the area, then pour cement. If you have ever done anything with cement you know how dirty and messy it is. :) We finished building about one month ago and all Dad has to do is put in the Huge sliding door. :)
                                                       Dad and Nate leveling out the cement.

                          Mare did the cement some of the time and I did the sand some of the time.
                                       (we would switch jobs when someone was gone.)
  We had to put six buckets of gravel, four buckets of cement, and three buckets of sand in.:)
                                                                Susy the strong girl. :)
Me playing in the sand. :) 
                                                                       Power girl!!!! :)
               We had leftover cement that we made into a little cement block and put our hands in. :)
                                                         Dad cleaning the cement mixer.
                                                              We had a ton of fun. :)

                                 Your not suppose to put cement on you, but we did.
Now for the shopping. :) I hate shopping, but my brother Loves it. This past week He and I had to both go shopping for stuff. So, we got up at 6:05 am to go shopping. And we went shopping from 6:55 to 10 ish. It was crazy. He loved it, but I'm still not soled on shopping. I hope y'll have a great day.

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  1. Looks like y'all had awesome fun!!! Come check out my blog sometime.:)


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