Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Always read the label

I don't know how many of you read the labels of the things that you buy.
If you don't, you should. Not only are they informative but they can also be very amusing.
For example I found this on a bottle of vitamin water,
 "If you want to be a superhero, here are a few mandates: tights (with underwear on the outside) and knee-high boots (even if you're a dude). But if you don't want to fight crime and just want to help in the fight of overall health, we recommend this bottle. It's got zinc and 120% of your daily value of vitamin C per serving to help support your immune system. So leave your sidekick back at the cave and bring along this bottle. Best part, you won't have to attach one of those ridiculous sidecars to your motorcycle."

There are many more chuckle worthy labels out there. Warning labels are among the best for a laugh.
Such as the warnings on irons warning not to iron cloths while still on your persons!

So take a moment and read a label today! ; )

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