Saturday, August 13, 2011

Salt Lake City

I was gone in Salt Lake City for two weeks. I got back a week ago. Notice at the end of my last couple of posts it says it's really hot here. Well, it was Really hot, like 90-99o hot. :) I went with my Dad and Jenel. Here's what we did..... We went with CEF Good News Across America. This is what happens. A whole bunch of people that are involved in CEF go to one city and partner with churches and do VBS of sorts but in parks or backyards. It was a blast and I got to meet a lot of new people. :) Ok here are some pictures from the trip. :)
The school/church that we stayed at while we were in Salt Lake.This is the hallway upstairs.(Our room was at the end of this hallway.)
               A beautiful double rainbow that we saw on the way back from the ski resort. 
                                              What you saw outside on the porch.  
        All of these next pictures are from our Fun day!!! We went to a Ski Resort. 

                                                     Jenel and I on a ski lift at snowbird. 
Coming down the mountain in the tram. That white thing is the Alpine Slide 
This is the zip-line. :) 
                                                  This is me going on the zip-line. :)
Jenel :) 
Jenel and I at the top of the mountain. :) 
                                                  The mountains were beautiful!!!  
I have more pictures from the trip that I will post later. :)  Have a great day. 

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