Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salt Lake City Part 2

While we were in Salt Lake, we did 5-day clubs. :) Jenel and I ended up on the same team. It was great having Jenel on the same team as me, because I didn't know anyone else on are team. (I only knew 8 people there at SL. There was over 120 people.) Jenel was the team leader and there was two other people on the team besides me. We did three clubs every day, one at 12:30, 3:00, and 6:00. They were spaced just right, so we could have a nap and have dinner. :) Here are some more pictures. :)
                                                          The beautiful sunsets. :)

These are our rooms beds. :) We had to put them some were for Sunday. 

                                                 Jenel waiting.... Are club didn't start till later.
                                                        The parks in Salt Lake are huge!!!!

Jenel                                                                                                        Me

                                  I was really bored so I took pictures of Jenel's sunglasses.

                                This is what I had for dinner almost every day for a week.
                                               We had a ton of water, while we were there.
Have you ever heard of a kickball championship!?! There was one in the park while we were there.
                    In the park there was a water fountain for little kids to play in. It's really cool. :)

                                                              Beautiful waterfall. :)

                                        They also have green houses. It's amazing.

                                        They have a couple of these signs by the fountain.
                                      Little kids climb on the rocks and waterfalls anyway.
                                                                    Have a nice day. 

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