Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coast. Surprise.

Last week Mike had a State Sporting Clays Championship. It was at the coast, so we all went, because this was his first time doing it. He's only been shooting for four months. He did really good. After the Championship was done we went to the beach!!! :) The only bummer was that the camera battery ran out. :(

The Clay pigeon trowing machine.
                                                           A clay pigeon exploding.
                                                                     Broken clay pigeons.

It gets a little boring if your not shooting. :) 

                                                                              Now for beach pictures!!! :) 
                                                This is me trying to put on sunglasses over my glasses.

Now for the surprise. :) If you look back to this post, I told you how my Aunt and Grandpa got to go to a Courageous screening. Well, my aunt got me and my dad tickets to go see it in a month!!! :) They didn't tell me tell I got home from work yesterday. I was sooo surprised, but Happy. :)   Have a great night. 

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