Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hurt :(

So, right now I'm in pain. My little brother just got a skateboard and I decided that I would try it out. Well, I fell off it and I now have a bandage on my knee. :( Well, besides getting hurt, I'v had fun watching my goats and the flowers. :) And being busy watching, taking care, and making sure that all school work is done, of my little siblings. Here are some picture I took quite awhile ago. :)

               Flowers are coming up!!!                                                

Can anyone guess what this plant is?                                                A beautiful flower :)  
Adelaide :)
                                                                 I'm still not sure. :)
 Now I tried to get a great picture, but they keep'd on moving! So, this was the best picture I got.


  1. Awww, I am sorry you got hurt. :P A guy I know promised to teach me how to ride a skateboard. I really want to learn! xD

  2. Ya, i'm not going to get on it again. My knee is just starting not to hurt.


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