Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Top 10 For 2010

I have done so much this last year. I can't believe it's over! Here are my top ten from this last year.
                1.Going on vacation during spring break, see our friends, and going to the Zoo.

2. Getting my braces off, before my birthday!!! :)

3. Turning 16!!! (wow I'm old) 
 4. Going to the coast with my best friend for my birthday.

5.Jenel's senior recital.
6.Tractor safety.
7.Drivers Ed.
8. Camping at the coast.
9. Family reunion.
10.Going to CA for Christmas.  
This was my year condensed. 


  1. Heyyyy...I didn't give you permission to post that picture of me! ;) jk. Sounds like you had a fun year. Maybe I should do a recap too.


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