Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Have I ever said I HATE shopping? Well I do. Last night I went shopping, I know your like, " What? You just said you Hate going shopping." Well, you have to go shopping sometime! So me and two of my sisters went shopping. (mom took us.) We cruised to a store and mom stated that she would see us back there at 8:15, so we replied,"ok." Well, once we found what we were looking for we strolled up to the cashier, but we didn't have the membership card with us. It was with mom or so we thought. :) Me, Mare, and Tina started to look for mom. We ran around the store at lest three times looking for her. The last time around Mare thought I cried,"there's mom," but I hadn't, then a sec later I spotted mom and exclaimed,''there's mom!" of coarse Mare thought I was teasing, but I wasn't. :) Guess where she was? Thats right, she was only a couple of feet away from were we had started!!! We asked her for the membership card, but she had left it at home! So, we had just spent the last 10 or so minutes running around the store for nothing, but we did get in are excersize. :)

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