Saturday, November 13, 2010


Growing up in the North West means that I have had my fair share of rain. Most people hate it.
I love it. It is on a rare occasion that I find myself tiring of the rain. I love it when it is just a gentle rain, very calming and always makes me take a deep breath and feel so relaxed. I also love going out on those days, driving, running errands, stepping outside just to sing songs about the rain with "raindrops falling on my head", and going for short walks, (with no umbrella or hood on my jacket).  The days when it pours, those are perfect for staying indoors working on projects with a hot drink close at hand.
One fall my cousins from Cal. came to visit. Every time it would rain they thought that it meant that they could sit on the couch,watch movies, and drink hot cocoa. That my friends is for when it Snows!! And even then the snow has to be a couple inches deep!! ~_*
When I hear people complain about the rain it always makes me want to grab an umbrella and find a lamp post...

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