Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I Thought I was getting better, but on Saturday I was sick again. :( On Sunday, I was so sick that
I didn't go to church. :( So much for getting better!! So, I have now been sick for a week. This morning when I got up my knee was hurting. When I get a growth spurt my knees start to hurt. So, I'm hoping that means I'm still growing. :) This week is a Birthday week at our house.
We have two Birthdays this week. Marylynn, terned 15 yesterday, and Hannah, turns 10 tomorrow. Here are some pictures of them from this last year. 


  1. Marylynn is NOT 15! I refuse to believe it! :)

  2. @ Stephanie

    Yeah Marylynn is getting really old which means you are too. :)


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