Monday, November 8, 2010

My Weekend

I Love where I live!! The weather here is so crazy, but fun. This morning the sun was out , but it was raining, and now it's cloudy. So, like I said I would, here is was I did this weekend. My parents went to a retreat and us kids stayed home. Are grandparents came on Saturday and stayed tell Sunday. They got here at 9:15 ish (AM), grandpa started cutting tile for the fireplace, that we are redoing.(I will post pictures of it later.) They came, because it was Mare's and Hannah's birthday's this last week. So grandma wonted to go shopping with the birthday girls, so while the boy's worked on the fireplace the girls went shopping, well most of them. I Hate Shopping!!! Since, they were taking the car someone had to stay home, so me and my little sister Susanna stayed home and played games. :) Much better then shopping. :) I had a great time with my grandparents. That is what I did this weekend. sort of :)

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