Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Long Time...

It's been a long time since I even thought about the blog....But I think I'll be posting more this year.

A Lot has changed since the last post.... I'm now working three jobs and on quilt 8!?!? We had a Ton of friends get married last year, which is why I'm on quilt 8.

My #1 job is teaching children about Jesus, through CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). I Love my job!!! I love all my kids in my classes. Not only do I get to teach them, but God also teaches me, while he is using me to teach them.
#2 job is taking care of twins, who are 6 months now!! I can't believe they are that old! 😲 I Love them and their family!

#3 job is cleaning/ grocery shopping/laundry/cooking/and watching kids for a family 3× a week. (Oh, and you can't forget taking their dog on walks...)

God has blessed me with all my jobs and I'm So Thankful for all of them!

               God is Good All The Time!!!

Oh, and our family has a girl from Germany staying with us for 6 months. She came in SEP and she leaves in March! I can't believe how fast it has gone! 😲 While she is here, I've been taking her different places... Here are some pictures of our adventures. ☺

Monday, September 14, 2015

CYIA Summer

This Summer was filled with CYIA. :) I was a mentor at the training camp, helped with two Day camps, and did two VBSs at the coast.

Normally at the training camp I'm a team trainer. But this year they had an overabundance of team trainers, so some of us got to be mentors to the young team trainers. It was very stretching not being a team trainer and letting them lead, while II just sat and watched. At times I felt like I didn't do anything, but other times I felt like I was the leader. But all in all it was a Great and growing week. :)

A week after training camp we had 4 exta boys stay with us. Two came to help with a day camp and the other two were just staying with us. So, I was supposed to just help with the day camp not teach, but I ended up teaching. :) I was a great week, even if it was 90+ degrees! It was So hot!

The next week, two girls, my sister Hannah, and I all went to the coast to teach two VBSs. It was a Great week filled with laughter, Nerf gun wars, and games. :) Oh, and you can't forget the beach. :) I've done these VBSs for a couple years and they've been a blast to do. :)

The week before my trip to Canada, was the last day camp. I ended up just helping with crafts. It was Great!!! I loved getting to interact with all the kids. Plus I got to do it with my friends. :)

All in all, this Summer was Fantastic!! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

March, April, June, July, and Aug Thankful list. ;)

I can't believe how fast this year is going!! I mean the Summer has come and gone. Well.... I really don't have any excuse why I haven't posted. But I'm going to hopefully post more often now. :)

*Birthdays!!!! Dad's, Jenels, Grandpa's, Tina's, Susanna's and mine!! ;)

*Babysitting kids at camp!

*Having a Great time watching the kids with my friend Ashley and Mare.

*Spring break!!! Although I really didn't get it off I didn't have to teach or work one of my jobs. ;)

*Hiking with our friends.

*A Sister hike. :)

*Turning 21! ;) Man, I can't believe how much time has flown!

*Going back to one job!!

*Random coast trip. ;)

*Weddings! (Three friends got married this summer!)

*Going to The Summit! (It's an Awsome conference. Especially when your with awesome people. ;) )

*Tina graduated!!!

*JC and family came to our house!!

*Redoing our couch. (This is when its almost finished)

*Being a mentor at CYIA. (I'll be doing a post about this.)

*Helpping with two day camps!

*Having four exta boys living with us for a week! (Man was that different.)

*Teaching two VBSs at the coast with my sister! (I'll be doing a post about this too.)

*That I didn't drive combines this summer. ( long story... I'll most likely put why in another post.)

*Two family reunions!!!! :) (I'll definitely be doing a post about these!)

*I got a new GOAT! :)

*We got a pool!

*Finished two quilts. (I'll be doing a post about this too! Man, I have a lot of post to do.)

*Trip to see my Best Friend!!! (I'll definitely be doing a post on this too!)
*A new Job!

*Church family camp!

These are just some of the things in the last couple of months that I'm Thankful for. God Is Good All The Time!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quilt #2 and #3...

Quilt 2 needed to be done by Christmas and I worked on it slowly, because I thought I had a lot of time to do it. Well, it turned out that I started quilt 3 right before Thanksgiving and it needed to be done by the 10th of Jan for my cousins wedding, because it was her gift from me. So, I had two quilts that Had to be done in a month! It was Crazy! In Dec all I did was quilt. I didn't have much work at the time, which was great because I'm not sure if I would have finished them on time.
I had a Really hard time finding a backing for my quilts..... Do you know how hard it is to find a store that sells Just flat sheets? Well, I finely found a store and got a backing for quilt 2 but I wanted a flannel sheet for quilt 3 because my cousin was moving to Alaska. The search was long... The store that had the other flat sheets doesn't do flannel. :( But at last I found some online..... Well, the sheet was supposed to come the week before Christmas, well it came but it didn't. You see, I opened the package and there was a T-shirt! Yep.... Well, I sent it back and they sent me the sheet but it came after Christmas, so I didn't get the quilt done when I wanted it done. But in the end I got them both done in time and they turned out. :) so what more could I want? ;) I now know Not to quilt or order a sheet during Christmas. :)
                                                                  Quilt 2 Done!!!

                                                                   Quilt 3 Done!!!

Did I say how much I Really like them? I Love how they both turned out! :) Now..... time for quilt 4! :) It has to be done in Aug. :) I really should start it soon, :) I don't have much time right now... but maybe in a week or two. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Thanksgiving

Wow! I feel like Feb flew by! I also feel like we had No winter. Its already spring here and flowers are up and the weather has been Great!

*Getting to watch mare and Leslie grow while at CMI.

*A "normal" routine again. :)

*Having a Great time watching kids at the leadership retreat.

*Seeing a 1 1/2 week old calf!!!!! So, cute!

*Writing letters to bless others.

*God caring even for little things... Like sending letters. :)
OK I have to tell this story. :)
If you don't believe God cares about the little things in life, then here you go. ;) This morning (10th) I had to mail some letters and I was lait getting out to the mailbox. I knew that our mailman had already come, but as going to mail them anyways. As I start walking towards the mailbox, the mailman is driving towards me. He stops on the otherside of the St so I can give the letters to him! God has blessed us with a Wonderful Christian mailman. So, God even cares about our letters. ;)

*I get to take our coach apart and reupholster it!!! There are a Ton of staples!

*God giving me another job! That now makes 4!

*Being able to substitute teach other good news clubs. :)

*Having beautiful weather!!!

*Getting sick was a blessing in disguise.

*Getting better!!! I was sick for 4 days.

*God teaching me through what I was teaching my release time class. It amazes me how God will teach you while your teaching the kids.


*My younger brother is 16!!! I pray that he will countue to walk with the Lord.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wedding Planing.....

Let's just say that none of us girls (my sisters and I) want to plan another wedding anytime soon. :P So, my cousin got married and Jenel was her wedding coordinator. That was all good. What wasn't, was that she asked for her help a month before the wedding. Oh, and the wedding was the 10th of Jan. so the planing was being done through Christmas! Also the wedding party kept growing! There ended up being 35+ in the wedding party. Yes, you read that right. There were 15 bridesmaids and 15 groomsmen.
           The cousins and Tina (who was the second shooter for the wedding.), mare and I. :)  

 It was crazy! Oh, and to let you know it was the guy who wanted that many guys not the girl. Our cousin only wanted her two sisters, but then she wanted to match the guys so..... 13 more girls. :) Marylynn and I were in the wedding and our family did a Lot of work for it. All of us girls don't want a big wedding party and we're going to plan it as soon as we can. We're also going to pick a color that is easy to find in dresses or find dresses first. It was a nightmare trying to find teal knee length dresses! Our cousin was engaged for 3+ months so its not like she was only engaged for a month before the wedding, she just held off the wedding plans till last min. Don't Ever Do That!!!! Although she didn't seam stressed quite a few people around her were. So, I've decided that when its my turn (in like 10 years ;) ) that I'll make sure its as stressed relieve as possible.
                                                             Our Beautiful cousin!!!

Well, the wedding turned out great and we had a good time. Well.... I was sick, so I left early on both nights. (Rehearsal and wedding) But I did have a good time and I Loved having our cousins at our house and seeing friends. :)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan. Thankful List

Jan. has been a busy month. Our house was filled with people for most the month and we had a wedding to do. ;) I'm so glad its done!

*Time with my best friend!

*Going on an adventure with my best friend and God keeping us safe. ;)

*Having a Great Nerf party on New years. ;)

*Having our cousins stay for two weeks and....

*Being in the wedding of one of them!!

*Being heathy~I got sick right before the wedding and had no voice for 4 days, but I'm now all good.

*Getting Both of my quilts done in time. ;) (I'll be doing a post about them soon.)

*All the wedding plans came together and that it went really good. (I'll have to do a wedding post.... Long story.)

*Seeing friends at the wedding and having a party at our house the night after the wedding. ;)

*Seeing Dads cousin.

*Having Auntie and a cousin come for a couple days!!! (I told you our house was full.)

*Going back to work on the farm!!!! I love it!

*Seeing Mare and Leslie follow God and go to CMI.

*Playing games with our family and eating cookie dough and drinking milk. ;)

*Our small group! I love them!